Personal & Executive Coach

Consulting Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

Personal & Executive Coach
Consulting Psychologist & Psychoanalyst

I am a Harvard-trained psychoanalyst and long-time management, executive, and personal coach. I’m also a clinical and organizational psychologist, and over years of teaching and practicing, I’ve met and helped a broad spectrum of people and institutions. Helping many hundreds of clients has given me unshakable confidence and respect for the human capacity for change.

I pair my comfort with the deep and personal aspects of human experience with enjoyment and interest in systems, including the broader interconnectedness of economies and institutions.

I have spent my entire life learning.  All of my learning has been in the service of understanding what drives people – so that I may help people leverage that toward greater personal and professional fulfillment.  Yet when we meet, I am not the expert in the room, so much as a learning partner with you in your quest to change.  All of my experience has taught me that negotiating this journey with you can be a source of growth for you and an awesome privilege for me.
I work with clients across a broad swathe of roles, professions, and industries.  While many of my clients are business executives, C-suites, boards, business owners and senior leaders, I have also coached scientists, physicians, athletes, journalists, law firms, activists, government and non-government and non-profit leaders.  Since integrating my two practices I am also accepting clients for personal development coaching.
Jenai Steinkeller

Jenai Wu Steinkeller, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

Personal & Executive Coach

Services include leadership & executive consulting & coaching; personal development & life coaching

Serving clients remotely (and in-person when suitable**)

What is your specialization? What are you good at?

The simplest answer is that I specialize in people.  I have had both deep and broad training and experience as a clinical and organizational psychologist and psychoanalyst. By the time I got my Ph.D. I had evaluated or treated nearly a thousand patients in a busy downtown Chicago hospital, not to mention in my private practice the following 25 years.  I have also had a great deal of experience working with all sorts of executives, leaders (corporate, civic, nonprofit, government) and organizations. But after all is said and done, I became a psychologist because I had a passion for understanding what makes people the way they are – starting with myself. 

My personal journey of growth took me through a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, then a 10+ year training to be a psychoanalyst.  A deep dive into meditation & mindfulness training, and a near spiritual vocation, had the strongest influence in bringing me closest to understanding myself — and humanity in general.  Growing up an Asian-American woman made me humble in witnessing, first-hand, the power of culture (and gender!) in shaping lives – and was the focus of my research, writing and profession for a long while.  Being deeply curious about people meant that I was curious — even riveted — by the world we occupy.  I moved beyond the primary interest of psychoanalysis, namely depth psychology and the inner life, because I wanted to understand the world’s institutions and systems — especially business – which is how I came to practice organizational and consulting psychology.  No survey of the world (or for that matter, of our inner lives or our relational lives) would be complete without seeing the ubiquity of conflict and the challenges of aligning divergent interests – so I had a long stop learning (and teaching) about negotiation and conflict management.

But my primary focus, where I feel the most fluent, is understanding the individual: what goes on in their minds, emotions, personalities, their relationships and how they conduct them; in their bodies and neurology, in how everything a person experiences is processed somatically and unconsciously through their nervous and biological systems and psychic unconscious. 

After so many years, I still find people inexhaustibly interesting and unique.  I find connecting with, and forming a partnership with each person to identify and work through their own particular brand of stuckness, and helping them connect to their own deep vitality, more and more rewarding. 

I also enjoy the variety of the different contexts and problems people bring, be it their organizations, their career or personal development, or specific issues such as culture adaptation or negotiation skills or relational stuckness.  Intellectually I could say I specialize in the nexus between psychology, organizations, culture and spirituality.

But in my coaching practice I specialize in individuals.  It is in joining them in each context and helping them move to a more liberated, flexible, joyful and vibrant state of being in the world, that I am ever honing my skills and finding reward.

Fees & Services

My fee is set by project or hourly, depending on the client’s needs and goals. At this time I only see clients remotely, although depending on our respective locations and schedules I may sometimes be able to meet in person.

**I am based in Boston, Munich, and occasionally San Francisco. I accept clients worldwide.

My approach can be highly specialized, or represent a fusion between various approaches and disciplines I have been trained in:

Psychology, psychoanalysis, neuroscience

Mindfulness & positive psychology approach to resilience

Goal-oriented coaching and leadership development

Negotiation and conflict management

Culture- and Identity-respecting approach to relationships

Somatic Experiencing (SE™) approach to healing trauma and developing resilience, a mind-body and energetic approach to self-regulation