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Team Coaching and Team Building

Just as a good book does not write itself, a high-functioning team does not emerge without planning and effort. In both cases, many elements are required for success.
There has to be a clear reason or a purpose behind each. Once that is very clear, planning and forethought supports that plan with a structure and game plan. Like a book, a good team requires dedication and effort to get it launched and to keep it continuously productive. However, although a book involves only a single author, the multiple players in a team amplify the challenges. And unless the team functions well, it may be difficult or impossible to reach its goal.


Team Services & Tools

  • Team Diagnostic
  • Team Building & Team Coaching
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Governance Teams
  • Working with Board & Senior Management
  • Coaching Global Teams
  • Virtual Teams


The Importance of Trust

Trust is essential in teams. Without it, a team is merely a collection of individuals that may get in each other’s way.

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The Elements of a Good Team

Just as a good book needs a title, characters, plot, chapters and table of contents, a good team needs all of that…

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Coaching the Team Leader

The team leader has both unique opportunity and accountability to influence the team’s success.

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Leveraging the Team’s Diversity

Strong leadership brings individuals together and helps them develop into a team that brings…

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Team Structure and Functions

Good team leadership is vital to team success…


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Top Teams

Top management or C-suite teams have additional unique responsibilities without having additional time.

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Challenges of the Executive Team

Executive teams run a company and
have similar and unique

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Coaching Governance Boards

Ideally an organization’s board and its leadership play complementary roles including checks and balance.

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Global Teams

Teams whose members are globally distributed rely heavily on virtual meetings to perform most of their tasks.

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Examples of Client Requests

Emotional and Social Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Fitness
  • Taking Care of the Blind Spot: Psychodynamic Coaching
  • The Science of Positive Psychology Coaching
  • Deep Dive: More about:
  • Mindfulness & Stress Management
  • Moore’s Law & Us The World Is Moving Too Fast
  • Stress to Breath – Breath is the way

Emotional and Social Intelligence

  • Framework
  • For Managing Conflict
  • Show Up And Breathe
  • Managing Conflict Across Cultures Conscious Effort Wins Half The Battle
  • Coaching
  • Coaching Through The Lens Of Culture. Conflict, And Connection


  • Cultural Dimensions Cultural Values
  • Checklist for Negotiating across Cultures