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Global Management and Global Teams

In today’s global environment, cultural intelligence can make the difference in countless situations. Giving feedback to colleagues, scheduling meetings, making decisions or having disagreements with others – in essence everything involving interactions and relationships – can involve significant differences because of culture. Learning these differences (the “lesson”) is quite important. Establishing a positive drive to continue learning (the “thirst for learning”) is what enables people to be truly global.

Working successfully and managing in a global environment requires tolerating and welcoming the unfamiliar, yet balancing the stretch of exploration with self-understanding and knowing how to remain grounded. Superficially, cultural learning can be fun and interesting. At a deeper level, the challenge is the willingness to be changed by the other — much like a successful negotiation.

Globally distributed and culturally diverse teams have the same tasks as any other team. They must be working toward a common goal or purpose, be growing in the direction of mutual trust and positive interdependence, and be able to manage conflict and leverage diversity constructively. They must also align about a leadership style that suits the team’s needs and cultural expectations.


Coaching, Training, Facilitation Topics

    • Managing in a Global Environment
    • Global Teams
    • Communicating across Cultures
    • Negotiating across Cultures
    •  Managing Conflict across Cultures
    • Mapping Your Team’s Cultures
    • Cultural Awareness
    •  Introduction to Culture


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